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You've found an egg.  Now what?


Welcome riders and future riders! I hope that I do not offend any of you by explaining your were abouts and things you do. After all, the information could be totally incorrect, leaving the riders in the dark for a little bit longer.


Getting Started:

So, you've found a stone that is really quite strange... hollow sound when taped on with a rubber mallet, and absolutely surrounded by mystery and magic. What could it be? No one knows until it hatches one day in your hands. A baby dragon sits there not much bigger than the palm of your hands, and you don't know what to do now. This dragon has chosen you out of all who have come into contact with it, and you don't know how to take care of it?
You are a rider. Your job is do defend the world you live in, because you, like the marines, are  the last line of defense.
Before you can commence through your training, however, your dragon is in need of help first.  You'll get used to this if you aren't already.  Dragon first, then yourself.  One of the more important lessons you give the dragon is one on correct grammar and proper sentence structure.  They can talk to you, just as you can talk to them.  Guard your tongue, because, like a small child, they repeat what they hear.  Also, try to establish a strong mental communtication link.  This will be helpful when you are far lengths away from each other. 


The Next Step

Once you have begun to speak with each other, then you are ready for the next step in the process: teaching flight. Teaching your dragon to fly will be very difficult because you cannot fly, so they can't really follow your example. Showing them bird flight patterns and how to move their wings is basically all you can do, and the rest will come naturally. Soon the urge to get up off the ground will flow throughout your dragon. You'll feel it because of your mental connection. This is when your dragon will be able to fly. The next process will depend on if your dragon is big enough to ride.



You feel that you are ready to begin riding, when you look at your dragon.  It is of the smaller type, but you know it's strengths and weaknesses.  You hop on, and start to fly, getting higher and higher.  Suddenly, your dragon gives out, trying it's best to support both it's weight and yours at the same time.  You both freefall to the planet beneath you, gaining speed as you fall. 
A typical senario of a small dragon's flight pattern.  Watch your dragon when flying.  If it seems to be weak in this field, then it is possible that your dragon isn't for riding.  Don't fret, however.  You are still a dragon rider if your dragon is of the small persuation.  Look on the bright side of things and do your best to keep your dragon positive.  Naturally, dragons are pesimistic creatures that can't see the sunny side of something if daylight is hitting their backs.  They will feel badly about not being able to be rideable, so keep spirits high. 



Before you go on, as a rider, it is your duty to tend to your dragon. You see, when the dragons get hurt, you  have to tend to them. One mistake is all it takes to kill your dragon. Since dragons are extremely vounerable when hurt, you must get it done quickly and right. This is a picture of a dragon's average skeletal system.


This picture you best memorize, along with the next few pictures, for they will safe your dragon's life. This next on is the basic muscular system of a dragon, which is good for those torn muscles.


Next is the basic skin for the dragons. Something to know in any strange case.




I cannot teach you magic, for I am not with you in person. Many people can, and it is very wise to learn how to use magic, but I am not qualified to teach such a complicated subject.


Good luck

Fellow riders, I hope that you will be prosperous in your journey with dragons. Remember that the dragons are partners, not tools of battle.


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