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The inside scoop: curiosities of my dragon

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The inside scoop: curiosities of my dragon


The curiosities of my dragon revealed.  By demand, I reluctantly release some of the detail of my dragon. 


Well, for starters, what is her name? Yes, she is female, if you haven't found that out already. 
A basic question, you'd think.  No, actually, it is an involved process to name a dragon.  First, you have to determine if they are female or male.  This, unfortunately, cannot be done by "looking up their dress" as some put it.  You have to earn your dragon's trust for it to reveal this information to you. 
Next, you must determine a name that fits it's personality, it's color, or something that flows off your tongue.  For instance, when you hear "Fluffy", what comes to mind? If you want your dragon to be associated with the ideas that go with the name, then you are in business.
Come up with a few names that you like, then leave it up to your dragon.  He or she will chose the one it likes the best.  Don't be surprised if you have to go through a few times to get the right name for it.  There is a good chance that your dragon will be picky when it comes to chosing a name for itself. 
My dragon's name is Jupiter.  She has illustrious red scales, ruby eyes, and orange leathery wings.  Her body has golden patches which shimmer as they catch the light, sending the scattered photons towards the ground below her.  She isn't very old, only about three years, but she has been a joy, if not a handful our first years together. 

A deep growl comes from chasms inside the webpage. 
 I think that you should turn your tail right around before Jupiter discovers that you've entered her lair.  I can release  more information later.  But, at this moment in time, things aren't looking to good. 

cathy1991 got their Neopet at

Because I cannot contact this person directly, I will have to give it to him, or her, through this box. Boeotia is pronounced  \bē-ˈō-sh(ē-)ə\, or, in my way of putting it, Bay oshe uh.  Hope that helps!

... Sorry you can't see this one.