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Would it not be awesome if people could prove that dragons were real? They can't prove that they aren't real, so they could be real. My mother said that if they can't prove it real, then they cannot prove it not real either. I guess that is true...
Anyway, here is some general info on dragons, and whether or not it is real, I can't exactly say. But I think that they are/were real... after all, I do have on as a "pet" hahahaha


In the picture above, you can see two serpant like bodies and the photogragher was claimed to be "begining". Yeah, sure. Like you would ever be able to catch a picture like that being a beginner.


This is a picture of a ?baby dragon?, and it looked very real. Is it real? That is for you to decide.


This picture shows a "dragon" in the night. What I'd like to know is that when is a night so starry?


This picture is so strange, but just a hoax... to bad huh. It would be awesome if this were real. The picture is real, just not the figure inside. At least that's what I've heard.


Could they be real?
Yes, they could be. Something mysterious surrounds these creatures. Follow along as I explain the possibilities of if these lizard like creatures have/ do
exist(ed) on this Earth.



There is lots of evidence to support that dragons are real. You just have to use common sense in uncovering it. If you are ready, then lets begin.


In many different countries, there are stories about dragons everywhere. Notice on the Dragon Mythology page, there are stories of dragons. But if you looked at the areas, they are all in differrent places. How could this be? Well, the only two reasonable explainations are that the cultures swapped stories about dragons or they possibly exist(ed). However, the cultures didn't have any contact with each other during the time of the legends... infact they didn't even know that the other cultures existed. So the only reasonable explatation now is that dragons exist(ed). How ironic... don't you think?


The Bible
In the Bible, there are passages about dragons. The Bible hasn't lied yet, so why should it this time. Hey, it could be describing something else like pride, or hatred, but it was describing real animals at first, so why should it get off topic?
"Can you draw out
Levaithan with a hook,
Or snare his tongue with a line
which you can lower?
Can you put a reed through his
Or pierce his jaw with a hook?
Will he make many
supplications to you?
Will he speak softly to you?
Will you take him as a servant
Will you play with himas with
a bird,
Or leash him for your
Will your companions make a
banquet of him?
Will they apportion him among
the merchants?
Can you fill his skin with
Or his head with fishing
Lay your hand on him;
Remember the battle-
Never do it again!
Indeed, any hope of
overcoming him is false;
Shall one not be overwelmed
at the sight of him?
No one is so fierce that he
would dare stir him up.
Who then is able to stand
against Me?
Who has preceded Me,
that I should pay him?
Everything under heaven is
"I will not conceal his limbs,
His mighty power,
or his graceful proportions.
Who can remove his outer
Who can approach him with a
double bridle?
Who can open the doors of his
With his terrible teeth all
His rows of scales are his
Shut up tightly as with a seal;
One is so near another
That no air can come between
They are joined one to another,
They stick together
and cannot be parted.
His sneezes flash forth light,
And his eyes are like the
eyelids of the morning.
Out of his mouth go burning
Sparks of smoke shoot out.
Smoke goes out his nostrils,
As from a boiling pot and
burning rushes.
His breath kindles coals,
And flame goes out of his
Strength dwells in his neck,
And sorrow dances before him.
The folds of his flesh are joined
They are firm on him
and cannot be moved.
His heart is as hard as stone,
Even as hard as the lower
When he raises himself up,
the mighty are afraid;
Because of his crashings they\are beside themselves.
Through the sword reaches him,
it cannot avail;
Nor does spear, dart, or javelin,
He regards iron as straw,
And bronze as rotten wood.
The arrow cannot make him
Slingstones become like stubble
to him.
Darts are regarded as straw;
he laughs at the threat of
His undersides are like sharp
He spreads pointed marks in
the mire.
He makes a deep boil like
He makes the sea like a pot of
He leaves a shining wake
behind him;
One would think the deep had
white hair.
On Earth there is nothing like
Which is made without fear.
He beholds every high thing;
He is the king over all the children
of pride." - Job 41:1-34

Summary of above passage:
The Bible was describing the leviathan, which I really think was some kind of dragon. Lets take into view all of the details shall we? This beast isn't afraid of anything... nothing at all, for who could take it down but it's creater? It can breath fire, and has scales. Is obviously very large, and has very strong limbs. Is described as being very powerful... and having a stone heart, so doesn't really give mercy or show pity. Every weapon that is described in the passage is harmless to this animal. What else could it be besides a dragon?

Africa had many dragons, and they couldn't have had any contact with the rest of the world.  There geography would have prevented that.
-Aido Hwedo: Was said to be a vast rainbow serpent, so vast it could hold up the entire world. Said to have created the mountains and the earth. When the world became to heavy, the dragon was sent to hold it up. Oceans were created in order to comfort the dragon while it held the heavy sphere up. But some of the time, the oceans would not help, and the serpent would shift, creating an Earthquake.
Explaination of the above passage:
This dragon was seen as a creator, being besides the point. Since there is description of this dragon, it must have been seen or some one made that description up and the whole country adapted to that description.
-Bida: A serpant that made it rain gold because the king gave it 10 maidens each year. Then the king and bida comprimized. One maiden for the raining of gold. When the sacrifice fell apon Sia Jatta Bari, the most fair maiden in Africa, her lover sliced Bida's head off. As it flew, it gave a curse over the land. No gold rains for 7 years, 7months, and 7 days. She was married, but didn't love him... and the rest is very very graphic.
Explaination of the above passage:
The section above explains a greedy dragon really. I don't quite understand this...


Mayan and Aztec Indians
These indians had dragons in there mythology also. Pay careful attention to the next sections.
-Chac: The Chac was said to have a very long nose, fish scales, cat-like wiskers, deer ears, and a crocodile's head. This dragon was involoved in rain making, and it ruled over all of the bodies of water. This dragon was one of the more famous Mayan gods, and it allowed the weather change that the indians needed to grow their crops. Every Mayan worshiped him
Explanation of the above passage 
This dragon was most likely seen with lots of water around it... or it at least lived in a body of water that was near the Mayan's village. It, if it was real, would probably take offerings from the indians without question.
-Quetzalcoatl: This creature was a amphiptere, which meant that it was feathered and only had 2 limbs, which were where the wings were. It had no legs. It had multicolored feathers, and would often shape-shift into a man.
This god didn't require sacrifices, which was good for the Aztec population.
Explanatin of the above passage
This dragon was really colorful, and it's feathers most likely shimmered in the sun, for it was said that it would create rainbows in the sky. With only wings, I would think that it would slither on the ground like a snake if it ever needed to, but wouldn't give up a nice fly in the sky for some slithering, so it was probably flying most of it's life.


Japan/Chinese Dragons
What is the difference between these two dragons? Aren't they similar? Well, as I go through this section, I will explain the difference.
-Kinabalu: This dragon is a Chinese dragon, and looked much like it. This dragon holds a pearl, called the Pearl of Wisdom. This dragon lived on the top of Mount Kinabalu in Borneo. It owned a giant pearl that Emperor wanted, and he had sent many men to go get it, but the dragon killed most of them. Then the Emperor sent Wee Ping and Wee San to get the pearl. Wee San planned a trick to get the prized pearl from the dragon. He waited until the dragon went to fetch it's food, and he or his brother, using a kite, flew up to the very top of the mountain and take the pearl. They then replace it with an imatation pearl. But the dragon wasn't fooled and chased the brothers who were now in a ship. When the dragon came closer, Wee San ordered a cannon ball to launch at the dragon. The dragon, thinking that it was his precious pearl, swallowed it and died.
Explanation of the passage above
Well, as the section above says it, the dragon was most likely a chinese dragon, and he really loved he's pearl. Having him killed... that was just really sad. All he wanted was to get he's pearl back because it was stollen from him. And the people prevailed.
-Lei Jen Zu: Was a huge green dragon, had wings, and a boar's face. It also had beautiful shinning eyes, tusks and a pointed snout. This dragon was the son of the Thunder dragon, Lei. This dragon is basically a heroic figure.
Explanation of the passage above
This dragon could have easily existed. If it were born of the Thunder dragon, then it was born by a dragon that was claimed as to making thunder.
-Pai Lung:  This dragon was a five toed Chinese dragon that was brillantly white. Almost a scary white. She was the daughter of a young girl and an ?old man?. The girl was shoved out of her house and later gave birth to the baby dragon, which was thrown into the sea. She died on the beach, and her child, being a dragon, flew above the sea.
Explanation of the passage above:
Is as says. This dragon was white. Very very white. Pretty too, and was Chinese lung like but was very very very very very very very very white.

So what?
What do you mean so what?
These cultures never had any communication when they wrote about these strange creatures.  They all seemed to breathe fire or be somewhat big.   True, they have different temperments, like those in China and Japan, of which were kind dragons, and those in Europe, whom where considered to be  pure evil.   Honestly, I believe that they are large lizards, that have wings and were thought to breathe fire.  They are feared, so big, so strong looking, they look as though sinister.  Don't you think so?
What is shocking is that these cultures hadn't any contact whatsoever with each other ... and even when they did, they all seemed to have a dragon in their culture.   One that was feared, one that was honored, they still had them. 


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