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These are my pictures.


This are my pictures that I really don't think highly of. Some of my sisters pictures will be displayed along side of mine. Sort of a dream for her to see a website on dragons done by her older sister.

Water dragon
This dragon was inspired by a tv show that isn't too popular among all of the other tv shows. Still, I like this picture.


Faerie dragon that landed on my math homework
This dragon landed on my math homework... hey, I redid the homework, but not the dragon.


Babie dragon
Yes, I know I spelled baby wrong. This dragon I did in school when asked to draw a dragon.


Vickie's Air Dragon:
This is one of the wonderful dragons mysister has drawn. She is so talented:) I wonder how she would feel if she knew that I have posted one of her pictures...


A purely Neopian picture that I thought all would like to see.  Enjoy.


This is Kyii, another pure neopian product.  Feel free to click to enlarge.


A Note to all:
If I drew it, please don't come along and claim that you did.  I'll be keeping my eyes out.  If, for any reason, I should find some of my art on another person's webpage, claiming that they drew it, I will shut this site down and start something new.  I know, though, that you are all kind people and wouldn't dare steal anything without giving the rightful credit to the artist.  So, sorry to take up your time. 

Coming soon:

More pictures from:
My closet
Under the bed
In my camera
From my art portfolio
Any I think up and decide to draw
From my sister's skilled hand

cathy1991 got their Neopet at

Because I cannot contact this person directly, I will have to give it to him, or her, through this box. Boeotia is pronounced  \bē-ˈō-sh(ē-)ə\, or, in my way of putting it, Bay oshe uh.  Hope that helps!

... Sorry you can't see this one.