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Here are some webbies that I have gathered information off of, and that I think are awesome!


Yeah, that's right... I'm giving credit to all of those awesome sites that I could manage to get information off of and maybe a picture or two. If I forget your page, that is if I got info from your page... then I will try to get it as soon as possible.

Hey, thanks for the info!

As far as sites go, this one is awesome! I gathered most of my information on this site and I am really glad I found it. Thanks for the information!

Ohhhh! A tutorial!

This site gives you the basic dragon drawings, yes... but unfortunately, I found it a bit to late. Hey, I'm still working on dragons, and maybe one of those will have some of the detail that this site gives. And, everyone feels welcome there!

Does a serpent have legs?

This site is ok... I mean I've seen alot better sites online than that one. I think I jsut got a picture or something off it, nothing else.


Awesome awesome picture of a dragon and a sunset(hint: the title that I put on the link)

Some more greek

Some more of the greek mythology... about abas. It's a good information site.

Great stuff here! Dragon info galore!

Discovery site on the tv show Dragons a fantasy made real. I never got a chance to watch that, but it should be awesome. The site is pretty good though.

Only in it for the dragon.

I only went into this site to get the dragon picture. I don't know what the rest of the stuff on the page is for... so, it's an ok site. Not great, but ok.

Eragon book title

This is the Eragon book title. That's pretty much what it is, the book title, and it gives some information on the book.

Boing dragon

See the cool little dragon counter at the bottom of the screen? This is where I signed up to get it. It's a neat site, and it's counters are awesome!

To another page done by a tripod member.

I cannot judge this site because I have only seen one of the pages. It is a nice picture, and the dragon is made of... metal, but I have only seen that picture.

tab divider

This is were the rainbowish dragon came from. It's an awesome site, and a great place to find free pictures with codes underneath them. I like this site a bunch.


This dragon is really really strange looking, don't you think? when I first saw it, I thought that it was a real dragon in the picture, maybe it is, maybe it is copper or bronze, but what ever it is, it's really nice.

Inside a dream...

This picture is almost like a dream itself, but dreams have the affect of waking up and wondering if it was real or not. I like this picture, it's nice.

Starry starry night

This picture is confusing. It is a starry night and there is a shadow casting of a dragon. Was it drawn, or was it a picture? I don't know and I will let you decide.

whoa... that kind of catches ya off guard

This is my biggest picture. It is big and detailed, just GREAT for my site. This is a nice site overall.

Always there in a pinch... draconian

This is one of the great sites that I got information from. It was there when all else failed.

Eldest book title

A close up picture of the Eldest book title. Nothing else to say about that.

Icefire book title

This site tells about the book. It's a great site to visit if you would like to know what Icefire is about.

Dragon Keeper book title

Shows the dragon keeper book title and is about some person who wants to read it.

Dragon Rider book title

Is as says, Dragon Rider book title.

Really? So strange...

Pickled Baby Dragon.... really super strange.

Thanks for the pictures!!!

Lots of pictures here. In fact, I got two of them from here... I think. Maybe more maybe less... hmmm. . . . . Anyway, nice site! LOTS of pictures. LOTS :)

Awesome! I needed that!

Bridle and reins.

Tibet Dragons

Is this picture real? This website holds one of the most shocking pictures that I have seen on Dragons. It is a nice site that really makes you just wish that you could go to Tibet and track down the animal seen in this picture.

Japan Dragon stuff

Here you can find some things on japan dragons. This is basically mythology, and it's really neat.

Neat pictures!!!

Here are some pictures that have been collected by the maker of that site. The pictures are kind of distorted, but that's ok. It's a really nice site to visit.

See what you can sea

This is a nice looking picture that has some great detail and it really shows.

Hmmmmmmmmm..... computerized

This picture is a computerized image of a dragon that I really like. It's accompanied by a great website to house this picture.

About that....

This picture was to big for the site, so I didn't put it on the page. I really like the picture, and was disapointed that it was to big, but I added it.. kind of...


Some mythology on the ladon, were I got information on this dragon. It's ok, not to great, but it will do.

Neat looking dragon:)

Beautiful website, I think that the dragon is really nice. Has a story about the dragon also that gives the reader some information on that dragon. Great site to visit!

Here is one of my friend's websites.

This site was done up by one of my best friends. It's pretty good, but has nothing to do about dragons... and she likes it, and that's what really counts.

Click for fun games! Actually, this was a requested site to put on mine!

cathy1991 got their Neopet at

Click on this cute little fella to go to one of my most favorite websites! I really really like it, and recommend it to all pet lovers!



cathy1991 got their Neopet at

Because I cannot contact this person directly, I will have to give it to him, or her, through this box. Boeotia is pronounced  \bē-ˈō-sh(ē-)ə\, or, in my way of putting it, Bay oshe uh.  Hope that helps!

... Sorry you can't see this one.