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The Riddles of Dragon Riders and ...
what is that encription on the bottom of the page? Could it be?


These Riddles are from the research of Dr. Ernest Drake, and I wouldn't dream of trying to offend him by taking his riddles word for word without giving him credit. So, the riddles done up in purple are from his research.
Riddles to keep you occupied until I have finished some of these pages:
A hill full, a hole full, you can't get a bowl full.
What is it?
I got this one in one try. If you think you know what it is, hold on to it. I will soon post the answers.
In marble walls as white as milk,
Lined with skin as soft as silk,
Within a fountain crystal clear,
A golden apple does appear.
No doors are there to this stronghold-
Yet theives break in and steal the gold
What is is?
I got this one on my first guess.
Black we are and much admired,
Men seek us when they are tired.
We tire the horse, but comfort man,
Tell me this riddle if you can.
What is it?
This one took me 2 guesses to get right.

  Kay has answered all three correctly! First try too...
Tear has also correctly answered the riddles! The squirrel child has answered 2 of the three riddles correctly. Azima also got my riddles correct. Hey, there hard, but these four have had some success!
Good job guys!

Hey, if you have the answers, email them to me through the contacts page and if you are one of the first to get it right, you will get your name/nickname posted on the site.

cathy1991 got their Neopet at

Because I cannot contact this person directly, I will have to give it to him, or her, through this box. Boeotia is pronounced  \bē-ˈō-sh(ē-)ə\, or, in my way of putting it, Bay oshe uh.  Hope that helps!

... Sorry you can't see this one.