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Yes, it is time that we got into the types of books that are about dragons. I will not be able to get all of the books in the world about dragons, cause there are tons. I will simply just get the books that I feel are appropriate for recognition on this site. I might like others, some I haven't read, and for the most part.... it's just my opinion. you don't have to read any of these books.

My most favorite dragon book is:



Eragon, by Christopher Paolini. It is such an awesome book! I'm  finished with his second book in this series, Eldest and it is a good book, and answers alot of quetions put off by the first one. Acually, I like the second one the best, because it has the most strange information.... but you people have to read it yourselves! I give these two books my highest rating, which is a star*. My rating system is 1 through 10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best... and * being the all time best ever.

Other books:


 Icefire is a pretty good book about clay dragons that come to life and polar bears. Yes, dragons and polar bears..... interesting. Anyway, it's a pretty easy book to get through with what I call "airy interest", or eyes flowing over the page with a growing excitement. I acually liked the parts about the polar bear and named a stuffed animal after the polar bear. It was really neat as a book, and I really liked the parts about the Arctic. Yeah, I guess that it is a good book.... 7 out of 10. It was, in the long run, kind of confusing, but ok. It was really hard to imagine clay dragons and babies hatching from eggs through there mothers, but all is well I guess in the end, but I don't like how it just stops... I mean, no inf on the baby. None! Well, I guess that I will just have to read the next book in that series.


Dragon Keeper is a great book to kill time with, and if you don't get hooked into it, then it is best not to read it. This book is really ment to be read in a all at once kind of fashion. It is about a nameless girl that happens to feed these 2 beasts. Oh, it was great! Described the Chinese Culture wonderfully. I will rate it 8 out of 10. I felt like I was acually inside of the village they were in!


Dragon Rider. This book is a good book to read when you don't want to read.  It is capivating and reminds me of a cartoon series.  Now, wouldn't it be something if it turned into one?

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